Volvo arrives; Chevy explodes

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Sweden's Volvo was the most recent European automaker to tackle the U.S. market this month in 1956.

Aktiebolget Volvo, the country's second biggest manufacturer with annual sales of about $150 million, introduced the Volvo car to the West Coast market about a year ago on a test basis. After U.S. test sales rose rapidly, according to a company VP, Volvo now is adding dealerships.

This month in 1965 Chevrolet ran a commercial during the Sunday night broadcast of "Bonanza" that, foot for foot, cost almost 20 times as much as the entertainment portions of the show. Chevrolet blew up a car -- but the audience didn't see it that way. Footage was projected in reverse -- in slow motion -- so the flying pieces came together in a flash explosion to present the 1966 Chevrolet. Then a couple came by and drove the car away. As they looked back, they were shown a recap of the coming together instantaneously -- the explosion in reverse.

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