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Advertising Age has documented Wal-Mart's cultural and strategic shift throughout 2006.

Wal-Mart reconsiders one-size-fits-all tack: May 1 The big-box store thinks outside of the box by offering consumers more goods specialized to their demographics and neighborhood.

South Beach hotspot: Wal-Mart: May 1 Temporary Wal-Mart store pops up in Miami for a three-day promotion for its Metro 7 apparel line, using a technique previously tried by hip, emerging brands.

To the last drop: Wal-Mart makes $6.5B squeeze: April 17

Wal-Mart pushes for a theoretical "zero-inventory" state where the company doesn't pay for products until they've been purchased by the consumer.

What's in a name? For Wal-Mart, a new tactic: April 17 Going for the more-moneyed consumer, Wal-Mart adds upmarket products, and new descriptions of its ideal shopper.

Look who's putting the squeeze on brands: March 27As Target hardens up its approach to suppliers, Wal-Mart is softening, changing formerly ruthless buying division to be more collaborative.

Wal-Mart wants designers, just don't tell anyone: March 20 The retailer eagerly hunts for a big-name designer to move its dismal fashion reputation forward.

Marketing in Bentonville: Now it's serious, February 13 Wal-Mart's new CMO John Fleming, plans to ramp up marketing budget and expand his team by 30%, adding 60 people.
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