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Coca-Cola Co. celebrated the 100th anniversary of New York's Times Square and of its New York bottler with a new spectacular. The Coke sign, in all its many versions, has been an icon at the Crossroads of the World for over 80 years. The new display sign, which promotes Coke Classic, Diet Coke and mid-calorie cola C2, displays a three- minute tribute every hour to 80 years of Coca-Cola ads.

1923: The original 1920 billboard was jazzed up with neon.

1933: The sign has changed locations over the years.

1981: Coke's billboard has appeared in artistic media.

1997: This billboard features the world's largest Coke bottle.

2003: Coke's sign has been the backdrop for many promotions.

July 1, 2004: The latest version features The Time Machine, a special video with Coke and New York images over the years.

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