Subservient Chicken Sighting

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The New York Daily News reports (low in column) that Burger King's "Subservient Chicken" showed up the other night at Manhattan nightspot Plaid -- the site of Courtney Love's recent arrest -- and sent Apprentice runner-up Kwame Jackson's manager into a panic. Photogs were reportedly barred from taking pictures of Kwame -- who happened to be on hand -- with the BK clucker, for fear of endangering a pending deal with Kentucky Fried Chicken. "He's negotiating a deal with KFC and this rival chicken could destroy everything!" Jackson's handler supposedly told the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, FCB/Chicago is set to break a new KFC brand campaign on Monday. Dubbed "Chicken Capital USA," the effort backs off last year's controversial health claims and embraces KFC's tasty friedness with an anti-salad anthem from hillbilly crooner Trace Adkins -- but with no trace of Kwame.

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