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PICK OF THE WEEK: Nextel - "Fired"

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Nextel - 'Fired'
Nextel - 'Fired'
Please allow an electronic tip of the 40-ouncer for dead homies—all the mundane folks doing silly, awkward things in the Graf-era Sprint-Nextel spots. "Fired" is the last piece of work TBWA/Chiat/Day New York created before it found itself in a similar scenario, but have a look through the agency's history with the client and try to find a better bundle of insight into modern man's tenuous relationship with telecommunications. The booming, cake-eating authority of the dot protector, the satyrs and their Salt 'n Pepa, the coast-to-coast emu wranglers, the buzzing office workers, the intimate changing room encounters—TBWA had a pretty good run.
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