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Lunch at the Four Seasons with the folks who run Modern Maturity magazine and its recent spinoff, My Generation, which between the two of them claim 21 million American households. Would they explain the breakout between the two every-other-monthlies and tell me how are they surviving these days? Publisher Jim Fishman, editorial director Hugh Delehanty and the editor of My Gen, the estimable Betsy Carter, supplied answers. It's apparently Hugh's brainstorm but My Gen was launched in March and goes only to boomers, AARP members age 50 to 55 (next year the top age goes to 56 and so on). MM itself has been "versioned." Those 56-65 get one version, those 66-plus get the other. Mostly it's the service features that change, not the entire magazine. But an advertiser, Mr. Fishman says, "can give us three different versions of his creative or the same for all three." My Gen itself now has a rate base of 3.1 million, going to 3.8 million in 2002. Big categories for both mags include pharmaceuticals, financial services, travel, automotive ("Chevrolet, Buick, Subaru a long time with us"), and, "We're having some success with toiletries and cosmetics." Their 2001 issues being closed, this year both mags ran 520 ad pages combined, compared with last year's 321 pages in MM alone. PIB revenue for 2001 compared with 2000 are up 12.5%. What about next year? "We're in the midst of our budgeting process," said Mr. Fishman, a Time Inc. vet who also published Yankee and Audubon, "and it looks amazingly good. We're looking at flat to slightly up on both pages and revenues." But just why? "In this economy," he said, "you better have something unique. The categories that need-not want but need-to talk to the 50s-plus know this is where they'll find them."

David Remnick's editor's letter in The New Yorker of Oct. 15 a lovely grace note.

The 12th annual Glamour mag "women of the year" awards are at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan Oct. 29, 7 p.m.

MPA got Ken Auletta to speak at the group's Nov. 12 session in N.Y.

Golf Magazine named John Donnelly ad director. He was with Golf Digest. Don't know his handicap.

Publisher Paul Turcotte of Men's Health says, "Despite the dreadful year...newsstand sales are up 7.2%." But do we need "10 seduction secrets" coverlines?

Has anyone inquired of his cardiologist just what all this being hustled in and out of bomb shelters may be doing to poor Dick Cheney?

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