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Gosh, that was pretty shocking. Arson, looting, nudity, drugs, violence at a rock music weekend in celebration of Woodstock? And one's heart goes out to the family of the 44-year-old guy who'd had cardiac surgery 11 days earlier, went off to the party nonetheless, and croaked.

Consider Departures. You can't buy it on newsstands, you can't even subscribe unless you're a dues-paying insider. Yet under Publisher Kathi Doolan, with whom I lunched recently, the magazine, an American Express Publishing every-other-monthly (available only to Platinum cardholders), is about to add a seventh issue, will boost its rate base in September from 350,000 to 385,000 (the pink sheet shows them delivering more than 400,000), is running ahead on year-to-date ad pages, and will shortly mark 10 years in business. Ms. Doolan credits longtime Editor Gary Walther and the demographics, e.g. median household income, a whopping $156,000.

Elle Decor's October issue will be the biggest in its nine-year history at 332 pages plus (it's just closing). The ad page count is 214 compared with 178 last year, reports Tracy Gavant.

Oh, dear: in The New York Times curtain-raiser business section piece about Tina Brown's new Talk, the photo caption identified another chap as Publisher Ron Galotti. This is a flogging offense; Ron does not take such things lightly.

What a yawner, that David Duval-Tiger Woods exhibition match.

Let's hear it for Lauren Michaels, new group publisher for Mode and Girl magazines. She was at Marie Claire.

Bringing in the financial advertising for Conde Nast Traveler will be James McCaffrey, formerly with Fortune.

New to the biz of ads on shopping carts is longtime Pfizer Inc. exec J. Paul Jasper, now chief operating officer of KartSmart in Scottsdale, Ariz. They started a yearlong test in 200 Kmart stores in February, but the thing worked so well Kmart scrapped the test, ordered the program for all stores, says J. Paul.

Space Cadets: how intellectually lazy can they get at WCBS-AM, the all-news radio station in N.Y.? On Aug. 1 they quoted London newspaper story about how Bill Gates plans to give billions to charity. But they gave the figure in billions of pounds sterling, not bothering to make the simple conversion to dollars for their American audience. If the news director doesn't raise hell, Mel Karmazin should.

Look for enhanced brand development at Hearst Magazines where they just promoted Michelyn Camen to VP-director of same.

Gourmet chortling over new Editor Ruth Reichl's debut issue (September), up 20 ad pages over last year and largest (at 118 ad pages) issue ever for the month.

St. Bonaventure U. will hand out its annual Mark Hellinger Awards to journalists Oct. 8 at a dinner at the Pratt Mansions in Manhattan. CBS' Charles Osgood is an

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