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And a Happy Bastille Day to all!

The Meredith folks took over a private room at The Four Seasons the other night to lionize the great Myrna Blyth, leaving the magazine biz to write a book (the theme of which, canny Myrna is keeping under wraps, as if it were a weapon of mass destruction). Lifting a glass to our heroine: John Mack Carter, Bill Kerr, Helen Gurley Brown, several members of the Meredith family (I asked one lady what she did for Meredith and she very politely but properly put me in my place: "I Am A Meredith.") and Bonnie Fuller. Bonnie, in black leather, was off to Hawaii with the husband and four kids, and would not drop the hammer on Jann Wenner for another day or two. Who are the winners & losers in this latest Fullerism? David Pecker's a winner. She was stealing his audience, now she works for him, he'll get his IPO, he's now a real player. People wins. Down in Boca, Steve Coz loses. Jann sort of loses but maybe not. Bonnie set Us on the right track. If the new (and less pricey) editor can keep it there, and the staff gets some sleep, Jann is OK. And Bonnie herself? Win, win, win. And then she auditions for the next job. Me? I'm a loser. I thought Bonnie & Jann would outlast Liza and the groom.

Ed Kelly tells me American Express Publishing's flourishing, led by Nancy Novogrod's baby, Travel & Leisure's 22% ad page gain through July. T&L claims its $35.16 subscription price is "the highest of any major monthly." Anyone challenge that? Ed says they'll launch a Dr. Phil book, "The Next Level," and a new Travel & Leisure en Espanol with partner Editorial Televisa in 17 Latin American countries and "selected areas" here.

I love the Diet Coke commercial with the boy and girl watching "Casablanca" in the movie house. But what movie houses still run "Casablanca"?

Bill O'Shaughnessy's radio commentary about the late NY Post columnist Neal Travis won a NY State Broadcasters Association award for best of the year. Travis was pretty good, too.

Scary front-page quote in the June 25 New York Times. Patrick E. Tyler writes from Iraq, that while he and his cameraman were reporting a story, they were confronted by a G.I. "Stop right there," said Specialist Arthur Meyers of New Jersey. "If you take a picture, I will break your camera." Achtung!

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