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That's a helluva "coalition" of stalwarts we've built there in Iraq. The Spaniards are going home, so too the Hondurans (there's a loss!), the locals won't fight, or worse, join the bad guys. Remember the good old days when we had "Allies" and defeated the "Axis?"

Nice note from Bonnie Fuller re: her newly gussied-up Star. Joe Dolce's the guy putting it out every week. The Michael Jackson photo in his beekeeper's hat on the beach in Hawaii and the Alanis Morissette quote, "I'm a leave-the-bathroom-door-open nudist," are worth the three bucks.

Has Disney's latest turkey, "The Alamo," gone to in-flight movies yet?

The MPA's American Magazine Conference is on for Oct. 24-27 in Boca.

Lunching together at the Four Seasons Sen. McCain, out on the book tour, and Dr. K.

Nick Von Hoffman's New York Observer dissection of our wartime leader, "The little man who isn't there," is lethal.

Dana Deighton is the new promo director of National Geographic Kids.

Film Life's 8th annual American Black Film Festival is on for July 14-18, South Beach.

Bridal Guide says a pair of bodyguards are "America's Most Romantic Couple." State Dep't Diplomatic Security agents Laureen Stephens and Stephen Rice get 78 grand in prizes and a wedding in N.Y. Madeline Albright is expected to attend.

Campbell-Ewald says in 1977 45% of students at public colleges and U's earned a degree in four years; today, it's less than a third.

Chris Meigher says the April issue of Quest mag is "our biggest ever."

Former Mad Ave. agency guy and author William P. Kennedy's latest novel, "East Anglia," is about Yank bomber crews in WWII Britain and returning 50 years later. His "Toy Soldiers" became a major flick. Good man.

Sabine Feldmann is the new associate publisher at Gruner's Child mag. She was ad manager at Cosmo with emphasis on fashion accounts.

Alden Hotels open a new five-star "boutique" hotel this month in Zurich, the Splugenschloss.

Just out in hardcover from John Wiley & Sons, Troy Waugh's "101 Marketing Strategies."

The broadsheet New York Sun celebrated its third year on the newsstands. And against some odds, I might add.

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