BOOKS: Michael Heller's Fiery Photography

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From The Resplendent Demon
"Most people think of fire as a disaster; something that's terrible and not pleasant to look at," says Michael Heller, founder of stock photo agency 911 Pictures. "But, as both a firefighter and a photographer, I always noticed that there's an aesthetic side to fires, too — a beautiful side that I wanted to show to people." Hence his first book, The Resplendent Demon, featuring 48 color photographs captured by Heller and 15 other photographers and contributors to 911 Pictures, which Heller founded in 1996. In a varied career, Heller, who has a BFA from Pasadena's Art Center of Design, has shot mug shots for the New York Police Department and worked as a photographer and a volunteer firefighter with the East Hampton Fire Department. "Even though people related to the fire service are the natural audience for this book, I'm hopeful that it will reach a broader group who aren't firefighters but who can appreciate the images simply as beautiful photographs," he says. The Resplendent Demon is available in hardcover and paperbound versions; see for details.
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