GUERRILLA ART: Silent Hill Gets Plenty of Lip

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Word on the Street
Word on the Street
Currently celebrating a decade in the business, Hollywood entertainment shop Shoolery Design has been rewarded with a special 10th anniversary treat, at least as far as founder/CD Mark Shoolery is concerned. The firm's Silent Hill poster — yeah, the one with what looks like a cracked oil painting of a mouthless kid — has been getting plenty of "national attention," as Shoolery puts it, especially in New York, from what we like to call guerrilla artists. (The film, incidentally, despite a slashing from the critics, has grossed over 40 mil in three weeks. It must be getting good word of mouth.) "We're thrilled that our design has triggered such a wave of attention," deadpanned Shoolery in a statement. "As artists ourselves, we always get a kick out of other artists who feel they have imagery to contribute that can embellish our concept." So why go with a mouthless mug, one of the oldest Photoshop tricks in the book? "The little girl is the McGuffin of the film, so it was appropriate to use her as the icon," says Shoolery. "Also, children represent our vulnerability, and it's horrific to see them visually violated, especially without ugliness or obvious violence."

Moreover, "There's nothing wrong with using a clich

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