Neil Powell's Down-home Paintings

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Powell's "Killing the Blues"
At an exhibit at New York post house Ohio Edit last week — a show devoted to the fine art of advertising and design professionals — we discovered the oddly arresting paintings of Neil Powell. Powell, formerly at Fallon's Duffy Design, is creative director of the brand building agency that bears his name, and while it's no surprise that he'd have a fine-art sideline — the works seen here are acrylics on wood or mixed media on canvas — the particular story behind his work is unusual, to say the least. In the words of Powell, "Growing up on a pig farm in the backwoods of western Kentucky has given me a unique perspective on life and culture. I had the good fortune, and misfortune, of brushing shoulders with some exceptionally comical, strange and shady characters in my hometown of Caneyville, population 720. And although it's taken a good deal of time and distance, these people have, unknowingly to them, been a continuing influence and inspiration for my entire body of work. Most of my pieces explore these people and the relationships they have with one another."
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