THE SPEC DECK: A Volvo Idea Looks Good On Paper

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Pencil Power
Selling the allegedly indestructible Volvo with crumpled and folded paper may seem to be an inherent contradiction, but it works for the freelance team of writer Aaron Sedlak ( and AD Josiah Jones (, who currently can be found at Ogilvy's New York office. "The underlying thought of this campaign is simple," says Sedlak. "What's the quickest way to demonstrate that the the Volvo S60's been redesigned? Show the designer's actual sketches of the S60. From there, it was just another quick mental leap to the visual demonstration of three of the S60's new and improved features: impact protection, better aerodynamics and extra power. Basically, we let the paper do the talking. The paper forms themselves are real — we built the mini-sets ourselves using the ancient trial-and-error method. Once they were to our liking, we shot them digitally, then Photoshopped in the designer sketch of the S60." Got spec you want to flaunt? Send it to today!
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