THE SPEC DECK: The Heart of Magazine Darkness

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Words to Die By
Ah, yes, Fangoria, still alive and twitching so many years after Jason swung his first machete. Like its cousin the videogame category, Fangoria advertising is a place where you can be completely antisocial and get away with it in the name of lowbrow art. Not to mention using Colonel Kurtz's big line for a tag. "The concept grew out of the insight that hardcore horror fans go to root for the bad guy, not to be scared by him," says Matthew Barber (, a recent University of Texas/Austin grad, now in New York, who created this campaign with AD Bin Chen (, under the tutelage of instructor Sean Thompson. "They want to see terrible, unwholesome things done to people. Fangoria is a magazine where you get the psycho-killer's perspective, not the victim's." Like to flaunt your own killer perspective in the Spec Deck? Send your spec to today!
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