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Last week's Guess the Ad: Yeah, it was a toughie. Lot of retirement stuff, geriatric this, geriatric that, health insurance, Club Med, Club Ded, the usual. The runner-up is Daniel Leaman of Krylea Creative Solutions, with "It's an ad for the Betty Ford Clinic. 'Where we make your stay with us feel more like a resort than a hospital.' " He used the magic word, hospital. And the winner is Katie Levitt, a copywriter at Paulsen Marketing Communications, with "Kmart/Martha Stewart announces the new line of hospital patio furniture." Because she mentioned the magic word and managed to dump on $12,000 bag lady Stewart, too. Katie, your cookie is in the mail. The ad, seen here in full along with the rest of the excellent newspaper campaign, is for Wisconsin's Door County Memorial Hospital, from agency Noble BBDS in Milwaukee. Credits to ECD Michael Wheaton, CW Alex Mohler, AD Simon Kao and photographer Dave Gilo.

THIS WEEK: Loose noose
This week's Guess the Ad: Isn't this creepy lookin'? We had to excise all the copy, but this is the image pretty much in full. Get this, you can win a snack cake. Send your guesses to without delay!
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