Production Company A-List 2011: RSA

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The venerable RSA has built its brand across a number of platforms from spots and music videos to longform and feature films. Its shiniest moments of 2011, however, were on the nontraditional front. Director DJ Caruso teamed with Pereira & O'Dell and B-Reel to create Intel/Toshiba's "Inside" social media-created film, which invited Facebook users to become a part of an ongoing thriller starring Emmy Rossum as Christina Perasso, a woman trapped by a kidnapper in a mysterious room with nothing but her laptop and Facebook friends to help her escape.

Early in the year, RSA also debuted another socially-driven effort, the "Life in a Day" project for Google, on which Ridley Scott teamed with Last King of Scotland director Kevin MacDonald. The effort sought to document the single day-July 24, 2010, of many, many people to get a portrait of global humanity. 80,000 videos totaling 4,500 hours worth of film were submitted and then cut into a 90-minute feature film that earned positive reviews at Sundance in 2011. Other interesting content moves include USA Network's latest evolution of the "Characters Project," which tapped seven different t seven directors to tell seven different character stories in a series of short films.

Spots-wise, Little Minx directing team Axis were behind, arguably, one of the most heartfelt and emotionally wrenching zombie attack of the year in, the trailer for Dead Island, which took a reverse-chron approach walking dead terror and earned a Gold Lion at Cannes. Minxers Nico & Martin also brought their own touching moments to gaming and introduced us to Esteban the lovable sewer worker who finds fun on his gaming phone in "Another Day," out of McCann Erickson.

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