Production Company A-List 2011: Unit9

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Once again, Unit9 crafted some of the year's most compelling digital experiences. One of the most impressive efforts was "Champion of the Playground" for Fruit Shoot out of BBH London. The campaign merged digital play with the real world via a gaming platform that consisted of micro-chip embedded athletic equipment that allowed kids to track their time exercising on playground online, where they could compete with kids around the U.K. on a giant leader-board.

Gaming also came into play on the MINImaps campaign, out of DDB Paris, for which Uniti9 and director Christian Etter combined google Maps, Facebook, Flash, real time multiplayer gaming and location data to create a fun racing game where participants could compete against their friends in MINI cars virtually, any time and any place they chose. Other gaming efforts include Sony's Project Shiphunt, out of 180 L.A., for which Unit9 created an experience that used Google Earth to allow players to scour the ocean depths for sunken treasure.

Further highlights include the clever multi-story interface of Mentos' Choose UP2U out of The Martin Agency and directed by Anrick Bregman, which allowed visitors to choose storylines combining multiple scenarios like running from zombies or partaking in a Japanese game show. Bregman also teamed with Mother London and Punchdrunk on the online component of the Black Diamond campaign, which takes users through an immersive story set in Paris' swinging '60s. Unit9 was also behind one of our small-scale favorites, rich media banners for John Lewis that used geolocation technology and a smart weather API to show users various outfits suitable for their current conditions.

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