Standout: Blink/Furlined

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The Blink/Furlined family has a flair for showing us a whole new side of the story. For Audi and Venables Bell, director Adam Hashemi brought cops and robber style thrills to a mundane moment, while true to the Furlined name, The Perlorian Brothers (who moved to MJZ) leveled up on the kitty viral in a hilarious spot for Temptations, out of DDB Chicago, in which an office guy dons a curiously choice of footwear.

Blink also turned out an impressive year of work. Dougal Wilson was in fint form continuing the John Lewis Christmas legacy with a touching snowman love story, out of Adam and Eve. He also brought Mother London's fantastic Ikea toy-themed dinner party to life.

Benito Montorio teamed with BBH London on an intense film for St. John Ambulance, which follows a man through his struggles with cancer, ina compelling redirect that calls attention to another important health issue.
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