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Sharon Napier Shares Five Things You Should Know About Her and Her Agency

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Sharon Napier

CEO, Partners & Napier

When a new employee joins Partners & Napier, it's traditional to share something personal at the company's monthly meeting. We asked CEO Sharon Napier to name five things we should know about her and her agency.

1. I never worked at a big agency. I got my master's degree at 45. I moved to New York City and established a new agency office in my 50s. Never doing things in the "right" order has helped ensure that the decisions I make for the agency are based on wisdom and experience, not the expectations of others.

2. In graduate school, a mentor told me that "family" could never be one of my business values if I ever wanted to run a growth company. When we started Partners & Napier, we made it one of our values anyway, and it has remained a guiding principle as we more than doubled our revenue and tripled in size.

3. My daughter works at a large Madison Ave. shop. When she shares her experiences with me, it reminds me of all the fabulous things that drew me to this business.

4. A couple of years ago, one of our top clients faced extreme financial difficulty. We had to make some big changes quickly. Our fortitude showed through this adversity. We won new clients, diversified and emerged stronger and more resilient.

5. I danced with Michael Jackson when I was 5. The Jackson Five was performing in Buffalo, and Michael, who was my age at the time, pulled me up onstage. I remember wearing bright yellow bell-bottoms. This lesson stayed with me: You never know when a moment will take a once-in-a-lifetime turn -- so always be prepared. Anything is possible.

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