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Macy's: Consumers Will Be Shopping Differently This Holiday Season

Retailer is Promoting its App, Which Has Become a 'Critical Element' of Marketing Message

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Macy's is using its data troves not only to zero in on what customers are looking for but to predict what they might not yet know they want. That same data is also helping the retailer to determine which media buys make sense for different segments of its customer base. But all consumers seem to be increasingly relying on mobile to make purchase decisions, and for that reason the retailer recently introduced a national TV spot promoting its app.

"The new way that she's using the mobile device ... the app becomes a critical element of our marketing message, as well as a means to help her complete that transaction," explained Martine Reardon, CMO at Macy's, in this interview from the Ad Age @ space at Advertising Week.

See Ms. Reardon weigh in:

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