Anarchy in the U.S.

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Xtreme sports ad of the month, from a little Capistrano Beach, Calif., shop called SDA: Tied in with an upcoming website,, is a gatefold for K2 (first page not shown) that plays off the old Sex Pistols graphics in a mock-centerfold format, on behalf of K2 team rider Seth Morrisen. Does the target know from Sid Vicious? "Actually, the older punk bands have been enjoying a new audience in the 15-25 demographic," says CD Mark Samuels, who art directed Surfer magazine for 15 years and started SDA in 1995. "Bands like the Sex Pistols, Circle Jerks and Misfits are pretty well known. An added bonus , in case the target isn't familiar, is the basic attitude of the graphics, which are totally current and relate really well. Just pick up any skate mag and you'll see the energy."

Client: K2 Skis Agency: SDA CD: Mark Samuels CW: Mike Gutt AD: Kris Pennington Photographer: James Lozeau

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