Not as sorry as the dog is

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Is there really any good way to apologize for forcible castration? Claudia's Canine Cuisine makes its case with 'upscale dog treats,' which can easily be mistaken for upscale human treats. So don't hesitate to pick up a box for your local eunuch.

Client: Claudia's Canine Cuisine Agency: Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods CD: Boyd Blackwood CW: Mark Schulte Layout: Robert Burnham Photography: Drew Harris

Ain't it funky now? No

Some might argue that a voice like James Brown's is basically unattainable for the average 30-year-old white woman - but, that doesn't have to stop a person from trying. In this "Voice Lessons" spot for the Georgia Lottery, a young housewife hears the doorbell ring as she fluffs a vase of flowers. With a big mock-surprised grin on her face, she says to the mirror, "Oh! That must be my new voice teacher!" She opens the door and ushers James Brown into her Laura Ashley living room. He shows her a little dance move, and punctuates his performance with his famous "Owwwww!" He urges her to do the same, and the nervous-yet-game gal treats us to a series of squeals more reminiscent of a high-school cheerleading team in suburban Connecticut than a soul legend. It's more like "Ouch." The scene ends with the Georgia Lottery slogan, "Think big. Think really big."

Client: Georgia Lottery Agency: Austin Kelley Atlanta CD: Jim Spruell CW/ACD: Duncan Stone CW: T.J. Aseltyne AD: Steve Andrews Producer: Sheryl Jessing Director: Ron Gross Production Company: Means Street Production

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