King of Compu-Comedy

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Computer Associates doesn't sound like a killer comedy client, but a new :30, directed by LeMoine & Miller, belongs in pratfall paradise. A businessman is walking down a hallway trailed by two young associates. "Have everything we need for this meeting?" the exec asks. "It's all right here," says one of his assistants, tapping his head - a second before he slams into an open file drawer, falling to the floor unconscious. Cut to the meeting. The remaining assistant leans on the desk to whisper in his boss' ear, "Don't worry sir, he told me everything" - then his hand slips on a pile of papers, his jaw strikes the conference table, and he's down for the count. The executive, played to the hilt by actor Ed Wheeler, is speechless. The tag: "Is your data backup as reliable as it should be?" Another :30 poses the rhetorical question: "When you don't have to worry about your network, what will you worry about?" In this case, a malfunctioning stapler is cause for mass panic, as word gets around the office that "the stapler is down." "Just stay calm," says one worker to another as 13 Days-style hysteria spreads like wildfire. The day is saved by the arrival of "backup" staples.

Client: Computer Associates Agency: Y&R/N.Y. ECD: Ann Hayden AD: Ahmer Kalam CW: Rachel Howald Agency Producer: Rich Rosenthal Directors: Rick LeMoine, Steve Miller/Radical Editor: Dave Cornman/Blue Rock Editing Music: Associated Production Music

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