Obey Your Vibe

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Though Pontiac's new Vibe is skewed young and urban, just like ad agency Vigilante, we'd like to think this is part of the larger new wave of car commercials: no moldy voiceover; no music lifted from past, present or future hits; and cool camera technique combined with quick but coherent cutting - in this case as a DJ zips around town, preparing for a gig. Composer Jamie Lamm calls the distortion-heavy track a "fusion of Indian music, a Chinese folkloristic singer, hip-hop rhythms and ultraheavy rock guitar. The DJ is finding his musical vibe both at home and at his job - a club where he mixes various musical influences from different parts of the world." GM director of youth marketing Chris Robinson calls the spot "a 30-second music video," and, for once, Detroit is right about something. Just leave the keys in the ignition.

Client: GM/Pontiac Agency: Vigilante CCO: Danny Robinson ACD/CW: Jack McGoldrick Agency Producer: Adrian Lichter Director: Andrew Becker/Stiefel & Co. Editor: David Trachtenberg/CosmoStreet Music: Jamie Lamm/Fearless Music