Punt, Pass and Chick

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We can think of few spectator sports less intriguing than women's pro football, but the comedic ad possibilities are rife, and some of them are nicely exploited by Publicis/Dallas with an incongruously elegant fashion flourish. But is this dangerous ground for a new league? "We're not trying to stereotype them," says writer Steve Grimes. "We're just taking traditional football imagery and giving it a little bit of a twist, just to have fun with it and make it cool. I know it seems like it could be a novelty, but these women take this very seriously. And, according to the team owner, they all love the ads."

Client: Dallas Diamonds Agency: Publicis Mid America Dallas ECD: Ted Barton CDs: Steve Feldman, Marshall Lestz AD: Pete Voehringer CW: Steve Grimes Photographer: Scott Harben