He's Toast

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After racking up countless Bud successes, DDB/Chicago writer John Immesoete and producer Greg Popp have teamed up behind the camera for a little "True" action, in a simple spot set at a wedding. The presumably drunk best man makes a speech in which the groom appears to have sowed his wild oats in every corner of the globe, but his script is a bit on the tame side, with lines like "One word: Amsterdam." The best moments are the priceless reaction shots from the bride and groom and what are probably the bride's parents.

Client: Budweiser Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD/CW: John Immesoete CDs: Barry Burdiak, John Hayes Agency Producers: Greg Popp, Gary Gassel Director: Immesoete & Popp/Partizan/Radke Films, Toronto Editor: David Hicks/School

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