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Work 7.22.02

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Girl Scouts of America wants to strengthen its members and its image with these ads from Amazon Advertising, San Francisco. Art director: Traci Shiro. Copywriter: Jennifer Bruns. Creative director: Lynda Pearson. Photographer: Curtis Myers. Producer: Elizabeth Grivas.

Banjo Strategic Entertainment, San Francisco, created this rugged ad for The North Face. Art Director: Peter Locke. Copywriter: David Munro. Creative director: Ron Walter.

The famous Hollywood sign reads Ipanema in this two-minute Brazilian spot by W/Brasil, Sao Paulo, for Brazilian sandal maker Grendene that ends with a Gisele Bundchen star on the pavement next to a pair of fuchsia Ipanema sandals. Creative directors: Washington Olivetto, Gabriel Zellmeister, Adherbal Teixeira. Production company: Conspiracao.

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