Hispanic Creative Ad Awards 2009

Non-Traditional/Guerrilla Marketing Winners

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GOLD WINNER: "Agua Sucia"
Client: UNICEF
Agency: Casanova Pendrill, Costa Mesa, Calif.

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Some of the best U.S. agencies like Droga5 worked on UNICEF's TAP Project, to raise awareness, and money, to combat the lack of clean drinking water in much of the world.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Casanova Pendrill's approach was to bottle dirty water and offer it for sale on the streets of New York in a vending machine for $1. Packaged like mineral water, the bottles came in a choice of flavors including typhoid, cholera, dysentery and hepatitis. Although no one drank the water, many New Yorkers heeded the message that for just $1, a child can drink clean water for 40 days, and fed donations into the vending machine, or contributed by texting a mobile site. As the agency says: "You'd never drink dirty water, the rest of the world shouldn't have to , either."

-- Laurel Wentz

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"5 Women, 5 Composers"
Client: Susan G. Komen
Agency: JWT San Juan, Puerto Rico

MARKETING CHALLENGE: This cancer charity wanted to increase awareness and understanding of what it's like to live through the different stages of cancer.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: The organization brought together five cancer survivors and five classical composers, each of whom composed music based on one of the five stages of cancer (diagnosis, acceptance, treatment, family support and remission). The result was a performance by Puerto Rico's leading orchestra, broadcast during primetime on Thanksgiving Day as a televised concert watched by 200,000 viewers. JWT said: "200,000 didn't run from illness. They embraced it."

-- Laurel Wentz


SILVER WINNER (Puerto Rico):
"Green is the New Black"
Client: Heineken
Agency: JWT San Juan, Puerto Rico

Heineken used fashion to position itself as environmentally friendly. The company made reusable shopping bags from the company's own advertising billboards, getting 100 bags from each discarded billboard. The branded "Heineken Green Bags" were sold in upscale boutiques and carried by catwalk models during fashion shows. Heineken says the bags cut down on use of plastic bags, helped Heineken recycle its own trash, and gave work to a small sewing business.


BRONZE WINNER: "Dirige a Tu Equipo"
Client: T-Mobile USA
Agency: Conill, Los Angeles

Soccer fans believe they could do a better job than the coach, and they also think players hear the unsolicited advice they shout from the stands. So T-Mobile offered fans the chance to text instructions that T-Mobile would deliver to players in real time during the soccer match. In reality, the text messages were read and recorded in a studio, and an actor who looked like a coaching assistant appeared to be receiving the messages on his phone and shouting them to the players. Cleverly involving fans who are watching the game truly brings T-Mobile "very close to futbol" (the line the spots ends on).


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