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RADAR: LOVE? The sharp, smart debut issue of Maer Roshan's Radar makes The Buzz think back to a bygone time, when intensely personal magazines launched as outgrowths of their founders' cultural outlooks. Some of these grew into the likes of Time, Rolling Stone and Playboy. Roshan alludes to this in his editor's note, citing magazines capturing "a cultural moment by getting there first." But those magazines hit when an undermedia-ed culture had big swaths of unplowed fertile ground. Are there any mass-circulation cultural moments left? Aren't they needed for ambitious magazines launching into a climate that's slowly squeezing out small players? One key test: Radar's continuing investor search-which will be a telling barometer of how much one can monetize "cool" circa 2003.

Miramax Films still can't find a marketing chief. Recently, an MGM former executive, Gerry Rich, turned down a deal to run Miramax's marketing division. A major issue was that Rich wanted to be based in Los Angeles for the New York-based film company. Earlier, Alan Cohen, former ABC marketing senior executive, turned down Miramax for the same reason. Miramax's marketing team is in New York, say executives, and Miramax Chairman Harvey Weinstein wants immediate contact with any senior marketing executive. A Miramax spokesman said: "We think very highly of Gerry ... but things didn't work out."

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