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ONE OF THE more colorful runs in print media quietly ended Christmas week, when the alt-weekly New York Press was sold, reportedly for about $5 million. The Press, closely identified with its family-backed founder Russ Smith, was bought by publishing vets Chuck Coletti and Doug Meadow. The new owners said the Press's idiosyncratic bent-typified by Smith's splenetic "Mugger" column, obsessed with subjects as picayune as politics, the Red Sox, the New York media world, posh eateries, and the entire city of Baltimore-would remain. Editor John Strausbaugh will not. Smith, who did not respond to e-mail seeking comment, will still pen Mugger. No word yet on further changes, though star political columnist Chris Caldwell said he plans to stick around as well.

How timely. As the news was breaking about the birth of a human clone, Time revealed it is out looking for sponsors for its first "The Future of Life Summit," Feb. 19 through 21 in Monterey, California. The biotechnology conference came about as the editors thought of ways to mark the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA. Time President Eileen Naughton said, "This is a first toe in the water for Time. " The event will be open to press and public and Naughton expects anywhere between 150 and 400 participants. Separately, Time is talking to TV networks, including CNN, about the possibility of airing a show about its 80th anniversary. The newsweekly is planning an editorial package titled, "80 Days That Shook the World," to run in March. Editors will pick the most salient day from each year.

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