Heat Index

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9 MARK SHAPIRO The 32-year-old, just promoted to ESPN's exec VP-programming and production, charged with developing shows that entertain and cost less than NFL/NBA games. Next year, will launch ESPN's first scripted drama.

5 TRIBUNE CO. Stands to benefit if FCC lifts ban on single company owning a newspaper and TV station in the same market with content-opolies in New York and L.A. Not all rosy at Trib, though: Flagship Chicago paper cans columnist Bob Greene for sex scandal.

3 DAN BREWSTER Rosie may be tough to deal with, but he's left to pick up the pieces of a venture that failed miserably. O'Donnell nixes deal with G&J on mag that carries her name.

2 STEVE CASE It's getting tough to find an AOL vet in the AOL Time Warner exec suites. Pittman's gone, same for Berlow at the cross-media sales group and Steve Case's days appear numbered.

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