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The new "Wedding" spot for Dockers khakis so closely resembles the ending of the late-'60s movie classic The Graduate that Foote Cone & Belding in San Francisco had to get permission to use the story. The hero, based on the character played by Dustin Hoffman, awakens in a panic on the wedding day of his beloved, races to the church and makes off with the bride. This time, though, when the couple nestles in the back of the bus that takes the lovebirds out of town, guy asks girl, "So, when are we setting the date?" "For what?" she replies offhandedly, and it's clear that the two have different motivations.

FCB art director Chris Shipman, who created the spot with copywriters Chuck McBride and Suzanne Finnamore (all are creative directors), thinks the twist at the end of the commercial "updates the story in an interesting way." Can a spot that owes a creative debt to The Graduate be relevant to the younger audience -- late 20s and early 30s -- that FCB is trying to reach? "He was a modern hero -- and an unlikely one," Shipman says of the Dustin Hoffman character. Much like today's typical Dockers wearer, it seems. "The Dockers man has to have a certain vulnerability and fallibility. He is not a 501 jeans kind of guy. You don't wear khakis to be noticed." (Don't wait for Shipman to base a Dockers spot on Rebel Without A Cause.)

The idea for "Wedding" developed when Shipman and McBride were sitting in a coffee shop late at night after leaving the office. "A lot of my thinking in general comes out of films, characters and ideas in film," Shipman says. "It's a

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