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The trouble with commercials as good as State Farm's, when the client gets zapped publicly (for screwing policy holders on replacement parts), the shock is even greater. We expect some companies to be sleazy; we thought better of State Farm.

Time Inc.'s hot InStyle promoted Patricia Foster to ad director and Juli Stoloff and Tamara Behan to fashion directors for the US and Europe respectively.

Vanity Fair (November) ran fascinating piece on the late theatrical cult figure, Ruth Draper, by Susan Mulcahy.

Space Cadets: WCBS-AM morning drive anchor Pat Carroll reporting on feud between the mayor and NY cultural affairs maven Schuyler Chapin, pronounced him as "Schooler," not "Skyler." Chapin's been prominently around town since Boss Tweed.

Noel Coward to your taste? Now through Dec. 4 the great Steve Ross celebrates Noel at FireBird Cafe, W. 46th St. in Manhattan.

MSA, the New York ad agency, named Bill Bender to head its media department. He's been with Ketchum and Scali, McCabe.

Men's Health's still climbing. The Rodale book (10x a year) edited by Michael Lafavore, grew 5% in circulation over the first half to 1.66 million. Newsstand also strong, up from 385,000 in '98 to 425,000 this year.

Disney Publishing promoted Lisa Holton to senior VP-publisher of children's books and Deborah Dugan to VP-global licensing and biz development.

Vegetarian Times marks its 25th anniversary this week. Is there a Sirloin Steak Times? If so, I'll give them equal space.

Inc. published the biggest-revenue book in its 20 year history, the current issue generating $10 million plus in ad dollars.

This year's Advertising Council public service awards dinner at the Waldorf in Manhattan will be Nov. 17 with Hearst CEO Frank Bennack the honoree.

Chic 10th anniversary bash thrown by Kathi Doolan and Gary Walther of Departures (the American Express mag). A-list guests included Donna Summer and luxury goods advertisers Arie Kopelman of Chanel, Paula Peterson of Van Cleef and Philip Warner, CEO of Asprey.

Ernest J. Renzulli's the new publisher of Golf Magazine, up from ad director.

Coastal Living, the Time Inc. glossy headquartered in Birmingham, promoted Michael Carlton to editor.

More on "Deb of the Century" Brenda Frazier, who may have been one of the first bulimics, toting a plastic container to dinner parties so she could upchuck genteely. With the century about done, shouldn't there be a "Brenda Frazier" commemoration or something? Let's get Liz Smith on this!

Madison Avenue account biggie George Bauerschmidt, now stationed in Miami, breezed into New York, stopped at Wollensky's Grill, departed. Moves faster than

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