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Frito-Lay CMO: 'Experience is Overrated'

Marketer's Playbook: Frito-Lay

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Frito-Lay North America CMO Ram Krishnan must balance the need to be consistent globally with a social media strategy that is far from one size fits all.

For Doritos marketing, for example, the company relies on audience consistencies to guide its global campaigns. Instead of altering messaging in every country, the brand keeps a steady focus on intense, bold experiences and uses the same logo in the 34 countries it's sold. "Technology has been a great unifier," said Ram Krishnan, CMO at Frito-Lay North America.

On the other hand, social media strategy isn't one size fits all. Frito-Lay relies on local marketing teams to determine content relevant to particular cultures. And if customers don't like something, the company will hear about it. Frito-Lay customers are interacting with the company in real-time via social media, offering a wealth of data. "It's no longer a one-sided conversation," Mr. Krishnan said.

Mr. Krishnan also stressed the importance of understanding and using technology. "Personally, experience is overrated in this age that we live in," Mr. Krishnan said. "It's how you live your life."

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