With oodles of fresh data in hand, marketers are slicing the men's demographic more closely, creating smaller segments ... 'Naked women plus hot car only takes you so far'

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Mean age: 38

Mean income: $60,600

Overall, this group (making up 25% of American men) sees no problems between the sexes, with 89% saying this is a good time to be a man, and just 11% saying it's a bad time. This is the youngest segment, compared to the male mean age of 41.8 in the entire sample.

Regular Joes

Mean age: 43

Mean income: $61,900

Representing 27% of men, this group has the highest household income of the four and the highest educational achievers, with 44% having completed college or beyond. Joes have no problem with how men are portrayed in the media and don't feel threatened by women.


Mean age: 41.3

Mean income: $53,500

This group (18% of men) is less resentful of women than the Grouchos. They're not wound up about gender issues and accept role changes. They're also less likely to be college grads.

Marked Grouchos

Mean age: 46.6

Mean income: $55,500

The largest segment

(30% of men), these men feel confused about what women want; they think women are becoming too dominant and they don't

like the way women expect more from them.
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