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Marketers, Media Execs See Silos Breaking Down as Ideas Matter More

WPP's Scanzoni: 'Clients Want Integration'

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NEW YORK ( -- Marketers and media executives at Ad Age's Media Evolved Conference said they see silos of media type breaking down, and content mattering more than devices.

Rino Scanzoni
Rino Scanzoni Credit: Pete Kolonia
Scott McCune, VP-integrated marketing at Coca-Cola; Mark Kaline, global director-media licensing and consumer services at Kimberly-Clark; Rino Scanzoni, chief investment officer at WPP's Group M; and Matt Seiler, global CEO at Interpublic Group of Cos.' Universal McCann, participated in a panel discussion on the future of the media and how marketers can work with media companies and agencies to establish a new model built on partnerships and innovation.

From a marketer's perspective, Mr. McCune said, "We're looking at why we are buying media. It's no longer looking at spots and dots. We're thinking about how do we start to partner with content owners in a way that can actually drive our business." Mr. Kaline echoed similar sentiments. "You have to look at why you're partnering with these media companies in a certain way. It used to be because of efficiencies and scale. That is still valid but what we're trying to do is build programs around ideas."

Media agencies are recognizing clients' needs in an increasingly fragmented media landscape. "There are still siloed vendors and agencies but those are breaking down quickly because clients want integration," said Mr. Scanzoni. And Mr. Seiler observed that if agencies continue to think of media owners as vendors -- rather than partners -- then "we will continue to be in a buyer/seller antiquated world."

With all the talk of integration and breaking down of media silos, mobile still stands out. Mr. Scanzoni noted that with content being distributed through all channels of media, including mobile devices, content and engagement will become increasingly more important. "The way the consumer is going to engage is going to be more relevant to content than the device. The device is less relevant to experience."

Mr. Seiler added that mobile is not as much about the device, except for it's proximity to the purchase. "Is the consumer the same through all devices? The person is the same person. But at what point are they a consumer? Close to point of purchase. The moment of interaction is a much more interesting way of thinking about the cycle of entertained person to engaged shopper."

As for the future of media, Mr. Scanzoni reiterated the importance of content over devices; Mr. Kaline said the future media landscape will be dominated by strong media brands -- be it a magazine, network or mommy blog; and Mr. Seiler thinks it will be a mix, as opposed to one dominant player or medium.

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