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Rite Aid's 'Giving Care for Parents' Online Video Series

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Rite Aid's "Giving Care for Parents" original online video series targets a growing demographic: the 44 million Americans who, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving, serve as unpaid caregivers to an adult family member or friend. Working with Fox Learning Systems, Rite Aid created a comprehensive library of online videos (similar in tone and production quality to TV-news-show health segments) that offer advice and guidance on specific health issues (dementia, diabetes, cancer, injuries due to falls, etc.) and related financial and emotional issues (some of the videos are downright heartbreaking in their frank interviews with everyday caregivers dealing with, for instance, a spouse's Alzheimer's).

There's no brand hard-sell (at most, customers are offered coupon opportunities); instead, the videos underscore Rite Aid pharmacies as an authoritative source of information on caregiving and aging. Remarkably, the 116-video series addresses a middle- to lower-income demographic that is typically neglected in digital marketing initiatives.

There's often a temptation in using technologies like streaming video to, well, show off -- to position brands as shiny, happy players on the digital bleeding edge. But Rite Aid's "Giving Care For Parents" video series is sober, serious and utterly unflashy. Which makes it stand out all the more.

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