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NEW YORK ( -- Had your fill of Super Bowl post-game ad analysis yet? Ad Age is making it all easier to digest by compiling all the big studies and reports out there, so you can compare and contrast the opinions of various ad scribes, seers and scrutinizers. Are we missing one? Tell us about it and we'll include it if we think it has heft and punch.

Bud Light: 'Dog Sitter'
Bud Light: 'Dog Sitter'

Our own Ken Wheaton added salt and pepper to the Super Bowl ad discussion, giving top marks to spots from Best Buy, Chrysler, Groupon and the NFL.

A pair of Bud Light and Doritos spots that got low marks from Mr. Wheaton are taking over the top of the USA Today Ad Meter. Sentiment on Twitter, however, gave Super Bowl victories to Volkswagen, Chrysler and Groupon, according to the "Brand Bowl" conducted by Mullen and Radian6 for the Boston Globe.

Volkswagen also won a popularity contest, McKee Wallwork Cleveland's annual AdBowl, and a brainier attempt at rating the ads, the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review, in which panelists are instructed to grade commercials on "attention, distinction, positioning, linkage, amplification and net equity."

Last night's Super Bowl commercials evoked, referenced or otherwise traded on pop-culture pieces including "Back to the Future," David Bowie, the "Dogs Playing Poker" paintings, Jimi Hendrix, Faith Hill, "Tiny Dancer," and "1984," both the novel and the Apple commercial, The New York Times' Stuart Elliott pointed out.

But the marketers that laid out major money for their time last night also made plenty of fumbles in the eyes of ad agency pros, according to Emily Steel at The Wall Street Journal. "Several star-studded ads flopped, at least among Madison Avenue peers," she wrote, "including a spot for Snickers featuring Roseanne Barr and Richard Lewis that failed to live up to the buzz of last year's Betty White ad."

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