Best Super Bowl Ad Ever: Round Two

Part 10 in Which We Ask Our Readers for Their Picks

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Ad Age's Super Bowl poll of readers is getting down to the wire. You've been voting for your favorites in multiple categories. Now it's time to vote for the best of the best. Yesterday, you voted among Creativity's top picks. Today, you'll vote among the "winners" from our previous polling.

Editor's note: Perhaps it would be nice if agency employees could put aside their blatant self-interest and vote for, you know, the best ad, rather than the one created by their shop.

1. Best Celebrity Spot: Super Bowl XLIV (2010) Betty White/Abe Vigoda for Snickers

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2. Best Animal (Non-Monkey) Spot: Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) EDS: Herding Cats

3. Best Auto Spot: Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004) Chevrolet SRR: Soap

4. Best Pepsi Spot: Super Bowl XXVI (1992) Pepsi: Cindy Crawford in "New Can"

5. Best Ape Spot: Super Bowl XL (2006) Career Builder: Office Chimps

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6. Best Coke Spot: Super Bowl XIV (1980) Coke: Mean Joe Greene

7. Best Anheuser-Busch Spot: Super Bowl XLI (2007) Bud Light: Classroom

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