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Super Bowl LI Complete Ad Chart
Who's Buying Commercials in the Big Game

Marketers are locking in their plans for Super Bowl LI, to be broadcast by Fox from NRG Stadium in Houston on Feb. 5. Kia is in again, but Toyota is out. Snickers will be there; Butterfinger is returning to the sidelines. And Frito-Lay's Doritos is not buying a big-game ad for the first time after a 10-year run for its "Crash the Super Bowl" contest.

So Ad Age's annual Super Bowl ad chart is back. You can sort it by marketer, category, agency or just its most recent additions. Watch this space for every marketer and agency in the big game as we confirm them. The roster is beginning to shape up, but check out last year's final chart to see the wealth of info that's on the way.

A word on the definition of a Super Bowl ad: Ad Age has long counted only the commercials that air on national TV between kickoff and the final whistle, but we're changing that standard a bit this year. Prompted by the popular success of Hyundai's "First Date," which aired in the ad break just before the kickoff of Super Bowl 50, we're now counting all national ads between the coin toss and the end of play.

Ad Age will be breaking news and locking down details right up until game day. Bookmark this page to keep up with every spot in the game as it's confirmed, complete with details on the agencies, creative, timing during the game and more. Sign up for our Super Bowl Updates email newsletter for new additions and headlines as they happen. And find all our Super Bowl advertising coverage in one place, our Super Bowl special report. And visit the new Super Bowl Ad Archive to research the trends, tactics and talent behind great big-game work.

Newest Additions
Web Services
Adam & Eve/DDB
Butler Shine Stern & Partners
David & Goliath
Leo Burnett
Merkley and Partners
Team One
Venables Bell & Partners
Wieden & Kennedy
84 Lumber
Creative: Not disclosed. 84 Lumber said it wants to recruit more workers with promises of career development and job training. Fox rejected initial work that included a large border wall, according to 84 Lumber's agency, but the marketer replaced it with a version that Fox accepted.
Agency: Pittsburgh-based Brunner, which has worked with 84 Lumber for more than five years, handled creative and media duties. This is Brunner's first Super Bowl spot.
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Buy: Anheuser-Busch InBev, which holds exclusive beer advertising rights for the Super Bowl, plans to run three minutes of commercials during the game, down from three and a half in Super Bowl 50: a 30-second Super Bowl debut for its below-premium Busch brand, a 60-second spot to begin a new Bud Light campaign, a 60-second Budweiser spot about that brand's origins and a 30-second Michelob Ultra ad that continues its fitness-themed campaign.
Creative: Bud Light will begin a campaign arguing that it bringing friends together, replacing the slogan "Raise One to Right Now" with "Famous Among Friends." Bud's spot will dramatize German immigrant Adolphus Busch's journey to America, where he created Budweiser in 1876, and include a cameo by the Clydesdales per tradition. Michelob Ultra will continue its fitness-themed "Brewed for Those Who Go the Extra Mile" campaign.
Agencies: A-B InBev roster shops Anomaly is handling the Bud spot, Wieden & Kennedy is creating Bud Light's ad and FCB Chicago is again creating the Michelob Ultra work. The Busch ad will be handled by Deutsch New York, which won the account earlier this year.
Buy: One ad in Super Bowl LI, its second in a row after snapping a seven-game streak in 2015
Creative: Not disclosed. Automakers typically use Super Bowl spots to plug new models. In 2016's Super Bowl 50, Audi ran a sentimental spot called "The Commander," showing a retired astronaut recalling past glory by driving the Audi R8 V10 plus. The soundtrack was David Bowie's "Starman."
Agency: Audi's lead creative agency, San Francisco-based Venables Bell & Partners
Avocados From Mexico
Buy: One 30-second ad early in the first quarter. It's the third Super Bowl in a row for the marketing arm of Mexican Hass avocado businesses, going back to its big-game debut in 2015. Its Super Bowl 50 ad featured an alien guide leading a tour of Earthly artifacts including Scott Baio and avocados.
Creative: A humorous take emphasizing health and wellness after the U.S. Food & Drug Administration set plans to reevaluate use of the term "healthy," partly to incorporate updated nutrition recommendations that focus on the type of fat consumed instead of the total amount of fat. Avocados are high in so-called "good fats."
Agency: Omnicom Group's GSD&M
Bai Brands
Buy: A 30-second national spot on Fox, following a widely-note regional ad buy in Super Bowl 50
Creative: The ad will star Justin Timberlake, whom the brand refers to as its "chief flavor officer"
Agency: Bai's in-house creative team, led by Chief Creative Officer Chad Portas. Bai founder and CEO Ben Weiss said in a Jan. 19 statement that Mr. Timberlake "played an integral role in the development" of the ad.
Buick (General Motors)
Creative: TBD. The ad will build on the brand's "That's not a Buick" campaign that mocks outdated misperceptions of it. The Cascada was featured last year in Buick's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, which starred New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and actress/model Emily Ratajkowski.
Agency: Publicis Groupe's EngageM-1 is handling the spot.
Febreze (Procter & Gamble)
Buy: Febreze will appear in the big game for the first time with a 30-second ad in the second quarter of the game. The move into TV's most-watched event comes as P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard has pushed for mass-reach advertising of late. P&G is also bringing Mr. Clean to Super Bowl LI.
Creative: Not yet disclosed. P&G's Tide has advertised in the game before (see "Interview" in 2008 for example) but household cleaners and deodorizers are relatively rare. One exception came in 2006 when American Home Health advertised its PS brand ("Best Defense").
Agency: Grey New York
Buy: One 30-second ad in the first quarter, the vitamin and supplement supplier's first Super Bowl appearance.
Agency: Bullish, the young ad agency created by agency veterans also handling GoDaddy's return to the big game.
Web Services
Buy: One 30-second spot in the first half.
Creative: To be determined. Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman said the campaign will "give a nod to the cultural and commercial power of the internet" through iconic images and humor. The marketer, a Super Bowl veteran, is coming back to the game to promote a new product after sitting out one year in 2016.
Buy: Honda will run a Super Bowl ad for the second straight year, this time to promote the redesigned 2017 Honda CR-V.
Creative: Not disclosed. In Super Bowl 50, Honda ran a 60-second Super Bowl ad for its Ridgeline truck that featured sheep singing Queen's "Somebody to Love."
Agency: RPA
Buy: A 30-second spot between the first and second quarters, it's second spot since 2010.
Creative: The spot, which was released in full on Jan. 12, stars Tom Brady and highlights Intel's 360-degree replay technology, which will also be using during the big game airing on Fox.
Agency: McGarryBowen
Creative: Kia will advertise its 2017 Kia Niro, a new hybrid crossover vehicle that is scheduled to hit dealers by early January. The ad stars Melissa McCarthy. The spot will trace "a heroic and harrowing journey stretching from the polar ice caps to an arid desert," Kia stated on Jan 23, as it released the following teaser.
Agency: Agency-of-record David & Goliath will handle the creative work.
Buy: Lexus is returning to the game for the first time since 2015. A 30-second ad will run in the second quarter.
Creative: The luxury auto brand released an extended 60-second version of the ad on Jan. 23. The ad, called "Man & Machine," features freestyle dancer Lil' Buck and the new LC 500 performance coupe. The soundtrack is "Move Your Body" by Sia. Actress Minnie Driver provides the voiceover. A 30-second version of the ad will run in the second quarter.
Agency: Team One
Creative: Not disclosed.
Agency: Mercedes-Benz's lead agency, Merkley and Partners, will be involved in making the ad along with other unnamed partners.
Mr. Clean (Procter & Gamble)
Buy: Like its P&G sibling Febreze, Mr. Clean is making its Super Bowl debut. It will run a 30-second spot in the third quarter.
Creative: To be determined. Mr. Clean is the Official Cleaner of Super Bowl LI, but is a much smaller TV spender than Febreze, laying out $23.4 million on TV ads last year to $140 million from Febreze.
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
Persil ProClean (Henkel)
Buy: The premium laundry detergent is making its second appearance in the big game and its second overall. The length of its ad has not been determined. It debuted in Super Bowl 50 with a 15-second ad.
Creative: Not yet disclosed. The Super Bowl 50 spot featured a brisk comparison against rivals.
Agency: TBWA
Skittles (Mars Inc.'s Wrigley)
Buy: Mars will air one commercial for Skittles, giving it a third Super Bowl outing in a row.
Creative: To be determined. Skittles' Super Bowl 2016 spot pictured Aerosmith's Stephen Tyler confronting a portrait of himself in Skittles. The 2017 spot will not feature a celebrity, according to the brand. Mars is again conducting a joint sales program with Snickers leading up to the Super Bowl, where the candy bar will itself get a third consecutive ad. "The Candy Bowl,"" as it's called, encourages people to choose whether they are Team Skittles or Team Snickers.
Agency: Omnicom Group's Adam & Eve/DDB
Snickers (Mars Inc.)
Buy: Mars will air one 30-second spot for Snickers. This is the brand's third consecutive Super Bowl spot.
Creative: To be determined. Snickers' Super Bowl 2016 spot featured William Defoe as a hungry Marilyn Monroe and continued the "You're Not You When You're Hungry" theme.
Agency: Omnicon Group's BBDO
Top Games USA
Buy: One 30-second ad during the third quarter
Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
TurboTax (Intuit)
Buy: One 45-second commercial, the marketer's fourth big-game buy in a row.
Creative: To be determined. The ad is part of a larger 2017 effort dubbed "Relax There's TurboTax," which promotes SmartLook, a live video connection to a TurboTax expert, credentialed CPA or enrolled agent who will provide real-time, personalized answers to customers' questions. Other executions depict reassuring conversations between TurboTax experts and customers played by Kathy Bates, DJ Khaled, David Ortiz and Karla Souza.
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Buy: The maker of car mats will return to the Super Bowl with one 30-second spot in the first half of the game, its fourth consecutive appearance.
Creative: TBD. It's expected WeatherTech will continue with its "made in America message." Its Super Bowl 2016 spot titled "Resources" featured actual WeatherTech employees and its facilities.
Agency: Pinnacle Advertising, Schaumburg, Ill.
Web Services
Buy: One 30-second spot during the fourth quarter, marking the third Super Bowl in a row for
Creative: The action-themed spot will star actors Jason Statham and Gal Gadot.'s 2016 Super bowl ad was a cross-promotion with DreamWorks Animation's "Kung Fu Panda 3" ("Start Stunning" in the Super Bowl Ad Archive).
Agency: The ad is part of a campaign shot by director Louis Leterrier, known for his work in the "Transporter" films, "Unleashed," "The Incredible Hulk" and "Clash of the Titans," among others. The company also worked with the San Francisco creative team Jeff Huggins and Andrea Janetos.
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