The Sweet Shop/Rumpus Room

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The Sweet Shop, along with its digital counterpart Rumpus Room, proved to be a formidable international and integrated powerhouse with its well-rounded mix of projects. Steve Ayson was non-stop funny, reuniting man with nature for Speights Summit and depicting the sweet vengeance of a loyal pooch, for New Zealand Lotto. Laughs aplenty also came from Sam Holst, who made light of fish and yeti breath in an offbeat campaign for Eclipse, out of DDB Sydney. On the visual tip, TWIN brought homemade charm to a cardboard-themed spot for Telefonica O2, while Dylan Pharazyn uprooted chunks of nature for Tiger beer. The Rumpus Room had a tremendous year executing some of the year's most exciting digital ventures. It teamed with Deep Local and W+K Amsterdam on "Write the Headline," an interactive outdoor component of the Write the Future campaign that invited users to create headlines that would appear alongside massive images of soccer greats on a major Johannesburg building. Other notable projects included overseeing the digital social media strategy for the relaunch of Coca-Cola's Burn Energy Drink and bringing together 2000 fans to sing along to Lily Allen's "The Fear," in a music video promoting XBox "Lips" out of Universal McCAnn.

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