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DirecTV Para Todos: "Frames"

Casanova Pendrill, Irvine, Calif.

Creative director: Favio Ucedo

Copywriters: Juan Oubina, Abel Gonzalez

Satellite TV goes low-tech in this spot for DirecTV's Spanish-language services. A woman and her daughter watch street performers through a cardboard frame made to look like a TV set, a woman in a restaurant watches a wedding proposal flop through her cardboard frame and a man walking down the street watches a cop make an arrest through his biodegradable screen.

"No, this is not the way to find the programming missing on your TV," says the voice-over, as a sad-sack father and son watch a softball game in the park. "Dad, change the channel," the son says. "OK," says Dad, and turns the frame toward the ducks on a pond.

It's clever advertising that still manages to get the product features and special offers into the message.

Dish Network: "Abuelo"

Creative on Demand, Miami

Creative directors: Daniel Marrero, Priscilla Cortizas

Grandpa enjoys his TV-maybe a little too much-while his granddaughter just hangs. He weeps with the soaps, cheers with sports and is enthralled with breaking news, while the girl practically hangs upside down to fight boredom.

Finally, the kid has had enough and plants herself in front of the screen.

"Grandpa, better buy it," she says. Only then the viewer realizes they have been sitting in the middle of the electronics department all along.

"Why don't you take it home?" asks the voice-over, followed by a pitch for Dish Latino, the satellite network's Spanish-language service.

While the idea is hardly fresh, the execution is and the performances of the grandpa and his grandkid make the spot.

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