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AIDS Awareness/Prevention: "One Is Enough"

Uno Comunicaciones, Dallas

Creative director/copywriter: Fedo Casillas

This HIV/AIDS education spot is the antidote to all the novelas and novela parodies in Hispanic advertising.

The scene is set in a typical family dinner table: mother, father, little sister, older brother. But something is not right; the silence hangs ominously over the family members as they sit quietly. Then an exchange of looks around the table-apprehensive from the mother, sad from the sister, angry from the father and hurt from the son-sets things off.

As the son quietly gets up and leaves the table wordlessly, the mother chides her husband. "Don't be like that to him," she says. "Serves him right for being a fag," he snaps back. "One sick person in the family is enough," warn the titles.

The attention to detail spent in making the family look like everybody's neighbor makes this ad ring true, and the acting and direction make it work, down to the shocking choice of words.

NBC/El Paso Child Abuse: "Park"

Dieste & Partners, Dallas

Creative directors: Aldo Quevedo, Carlos Tourne

Copywriter: Alex Duplan

At first, this public service spot looks like a parody from Comedy Central's "The Man Show." Playmate types in schoolgirl outfits slink around a park in soft-focus slow motion while seductive music plays. Each is engaged in kid stuff: licking a lollipop, playing on a swing or drinking water from a fountain.

But before the viewer thinks he's unscrambled the Playboy Channel by mistake, a title card shocks him back to reality: "This is how some people see your 6-year-old daughter."

Then an angelic 6-year-old schoolgirl-a real one, this time-peeks from behind a tree, lollipop in hand. "Talk to your children, so they don't talk to strangers" is the stark black-and-white message.

Creepy, yes, but effective.


Hispanics Against Drunk Driving: "Botella"

Concept Cafe, Miami

Comite Olimpico de Puerto Rico: "Part Time"

EJE Sociedad Publicitaria, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

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