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Television: Toiletries

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Procter & Gamble Co.'s Charmin: "Gas Station"

Bromley Communications, San Antonio

Creative directors: Pablo Buffagni, Hector Prado

Art director: Juan Carlos Pagan

Copywriter: Adriana Ramos

How does Bromley get P&G to approve its outrageous ideas? Here's another one: An elegant elderly lady uses the toilet in a sumptuous bathroom, then sashays around, putting on lipstick and looking in the mirror.

A knock comes on the door. It's an unshaven, tattooed skinhead. She exits, carrying her role of Charmin toilet paper. The guy sees the bathroom as it really is-a dirty, barren gas station rest-room. The lady heads toward her car as a voice-over says: "So soft you're going to feel like you're at home."

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