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Women to Watch Roundtable Video: Part 3

'We've Got to Name and Shame the Offenders'

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Bias against women exists in the ad world in both unconscious and conscious forms -- but it also exists against minorities and it's time to rectify that, said a panel of Ad Age's Women to Watch in the third installment of our video roundtable.

"You have to be deliberate about it," said Carolyn Everson, VP-marketing solutions at Facebook. "For every opening now at Facebook, when you get to the finalists, if we do not see a diverse slate of finalists, we tell the hiring manager to go back to the drawing board. Go back to the recruiter. You haven't tried hard enough. Because the truth is they are out there."

AMV BBDO's Group Chairman-Group CEO Cilla Snowball said, "We've got to name and shame the offenders, and we've got to get on with it, and that applies to gender diversity, age, ethnicity, disability, all the areas that as an industry we recognize we have work to do."

But diversity is important not just from a moral but a sales perspective. Added Jackie Hernandez, chief marketing officer, NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises, "It has to be embraced as a business imperative. If you're reflecting the complexion and the mindsets of the audiences and consumers you are trying to reach, it's going to work."

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