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Women to Watch Video Roundtable: Part 4

What Are the Big Business Challenges Advertising Faces in Next 20 Years?

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What are the biggest business challenges the panelists in our Women to Watch panel face?

"The biggest challenge is that we don't know what our biggest challenge is," said Lisa Donohue, global president of Starcom Worldwide and CEO of Starcom USA. "We certainly have a lot of challenges right now. ... We don't know what our biggest challenge is. We have to recognize that we don't know that, and focus on how do we prepare ourselves and our organizations to understand that when it comes along, how to identify it and know what to do with it."

Certainly, technology is high on the agenda. Mondelez's Global Head of E-Commerce Ventures Cindy Chen discussed the role of the CMTO and "How do you make sure marketing people are exposed to the ever-expanding technology stack?" Carolyn Everson, VP-global marketing solutions at Facebook, said her company is focused on how to reward the bold in the face of constant disruption. Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell chief marketing officer, said a major focus is how to "manage through the complexity."

"We can start by figuring out how to enable the right, best choices for whatever the marketing task at hand is, using all these great emergent technologies and opportunities, but they can't all be applied at the same time," Ms. Thalberg said.

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