Underrated Super Bowl Spots: Gerry Graf's Big on the Boogeyman

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As we count down to game day, we're also looking back on some of the Super Bowl's greatest hits -- not the usual suspects, but undersung winners that may have not grabbed the Admeter crown or made it to a network TV special.

We've asked some top industry leaders to share their own unsung favorites. Barton F. Graf Founder Gerry Graf has delivered his share of big game spots throughout his career, including subversive spots like Etrade's $2 Million "waste" of air time starring a monkey, and Miller High Life's "One-Second Ads."

Japanese Mecha, a moose's ass and an unexpected "Boogeyman" are among his highlights.

Garmin "Maposaurus" (2007)

This is incredible. And about 10 years ahead of "Ready Player One" in its appreciation of Japanese Mecha.

Monster.com "Double Take" (2009)

This feels like a mini Preston Sturges film. Perfectly and hysterically shows the plight of the working man. (McCann's Eric Silver, who shared his favorites as well, worked on this one.)

Holiday Inn "Bob Johnson" 1997

A transgender spot from 1997 where the person is not the butt of the joke. I find that rather breakthrough.

Cracker Jack "Really Really Big Bag" (1999)

I love when brands focus on the things that make them special. This spot makes you love Cracker Jacks again. I wish they did more.

Emerald Nuts "Boogeyman" (2007)

The benefit is crystal clear. The creative leap from "around three p.m. your blood sugar and energy are low" to "Robert Goulet appears" is genius.

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