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100 Jon Stewart When it comes to media commenting on media, it doesn't get much better than Stewart's faux news. Everyone from "60 Minutes" to Charlie Rose booked him to talk about election coverage.

95 Return of the 'net The Web is where everyone wants to be, to pass along "Subservient Chicken" or download iTunes. Google was the hottest IPO.

90 Steve Jobs From Pixar to iPod, Jobs was the man to get on your calendar. HP's Carly Fiorino did a deal, and he's the one Disney needs to woo.

85 Mark Burnett "Survivor" franchise still rules, and The Donald has meant anything but boring in the board room. Now Burnett finds Martha Stewart funny, and he's out to convince America she is.

80 ABC The comeback of the year. Viewers, especially 18-49ers, can't get enough of soapy gals on Wisteria Lane or the creepy doings on the Lost island.

75 Howard Stern Not quite powerful enough to elect Kerry, but he sure made Dubya sweat. Now he's making Viacom execs squirm with a move to Sirius.

70 Giveaways Oprah's doing it, Ellen's doing it, even Dr. Phil is doing it. Hit a pinnacle this year when Oprah handed out Pontiac's G6. But Ellen's 12 days of giveaways of Dyson vacuums, Ugg bags, Insignia DVD players,and TiVos may top Oprah.

65 Clinton's "My Life" Second act for former president was as author, delivering a 1,008-page tome to the top of best seller lists.

60 DirecTV With Rupert Murdoch at the helm, the satellite service prepares to eat TiVo's lunch.

55 Red vs. Blue states Cultural divide? Moral voters? Hard to believe when "Desperate Housewives" and "Maxim" get equal numbers of consumers regardless of the state's color.

50 Martha Stewart Just sucking it up and going off to jail may be the smartest PR move she's made since ImClone-gate broke. Let the redemption story begin!

45 Rather & Brokaw If two TV news icons sign off and no one notices, is it the end of broadcast news? Heat recently had to explain to a media savvy 13-year-old who Rather was. 'Nuff said.

40 Ron Galotti Mr. Big quits the rat race and scurries up to a quieter life in Vermont, but not before he lands on the cover of "New York Magazine." And he's showing up in gossip columns for giving tours of NYC.

30 Weinstein Brothers Even Oscar gold may not be enough to save the jobs of these two. Disney puts the squeeze on, plans to cut production budget and the brothers' bonuses.

25 Jeff Zucker "Joey" needs some friends on Thursday night as Must See TV is now on CBS and ABC. Following November sweeps, Zucker is under pressure to prop up his line.

20 Bill O'Reilly With a sexual harassment suit looming against him, he suddenly sees the advantage of not being the moral arbiter of the nation.

15 Nielsen PeopleMeters Discrimination lawsuits held up the roll out of the one thing that may actually bring the TV measurement business into the 21st century.

10 Wardrobe Malfunction When is a boob more than a boob? Janet Jackson's performance kicked off a year of media soul searching that culminated in the belief that the moral voters swung the election.

5 circ scandals This was one old slow print media just can't afford. Propping up declining circulation with bogus sales is no way to fight online's ability to prove return on investment.

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