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"She needs to go away and let the company evolve into what it's going to be without the queen."

-Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys, of Martha Stewart in July.

"Nothing has come over our desks offered in network television that's compelling right now."

-Ian Beavis, former senior VP-marketing at Mitsubishi, as the company pulled the majority of its spending from network TV.

"Why would we want clients to kill our advertising twice?"

-Jim Ferguson, CEO, TM Advertising, in June, referring to why he feels advertisers should not come to the Cannes advertising festival a second time.

"Neville is a terrific guy. He understands the system. He totally embraces the strategy we put in place. We'll be great partners."

-Steve Heyer in May, four months before he left Coca-Cola Co. and its CEO Neville Isdell.

"The future looks pretty damn good. Bell couldn't screw it up if he wanted to."

-Joe Casper, a Tampa, Fla., McDonald's franchisee, when Charlie Bell was named to succeed CEO Jim Cantalupo, who died suddenly at the company's franchisee convention in April. Seven months later Mr. Bell, stricken with cancer, stepped down due to his illness.

"I'd like to rename the upfronts the up yours."

- Brad Ball, Warner Bros. Entertainment, in February.

"The discussion was constrained by our lawyers."

-American Association of Advertising Agencies' president-CEO O. Burtch Drake, explaining why the first and only Network Upfront Discussion Group of TV networks, media agencies and clients came to naught in May.

"Don't bet the ranch on this. It's not a long-term development in the history of eating in this country. It is a blip."

-Harry Balzer, NPD Group on marketers, stomps on the low-carb bandwagon

"The big picture is no, we have not succeeded. Things have only gotten worse in the last 25 years."

-Tim Wildmon, American Family Association, in October.

"Enzyte is more successful subtracting from the male wallet than it is adding to the male organ."

-David Schardt, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, in November.

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