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Forget the huskies and sleds in Alaska-the wackiest winter games are in New York. Harnessed to decorated stolen shopping carts, more than 200 hipsters braved the elements on Jan. 29, racing five miles from Fulton Ferry Pier in Brooklyn Heights to Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park in the second annual Idiotarod. Paying homage to their agency, six Cliff Freeman creatives led by CD Dan Morales donned "Here's the Beef" aprons, joining teams of pirates, secret service agents, ghostbusters and mimes. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the race, the most original cart and costumes and the best sabotage. "You're basically battling the other teams on the way to the finish line," says Morales. "And it's more competitive than you think." Throwing raw ground meat, frozen hamburger patties and condiments at the competition, Team Beef seemed a lock for the sabotage prize, but a team practicing psychological warfare enlisted the help of a woman who sent gullible teams on a wild goose chase through Chinatown. "But we beefed her," says writer John Gargiulo. "There's something nice about sticking your hands in ground beef, crafting a meatball and hucking it at a total stranger," adds Morales. James Maravetz, Matthew Woodhams, Paul Caiozzo and Justin Bilicki rounded out Team Beef. A video of the event, made by Freeman producer Owen Katz, is slated for the agency's website.

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